Sustainable, Resilient Communities.

SharedSufficiency.org takes for granted the interdependent fabric of all beings and resources.  There is no “over there” from which to grab stuff… which will not ultimately resonate directly back into our own lives.

Every creature; every plant; every sheltered wild-crofted glade, natural animal habitat, harvestable wood lot & tillable field; every still pond, bubbling spring & tumbling brook; every minute of sunshine, rain & refreshing breeze; and every human resource in one’s community is a precious treasure… not to be wasted.

We anticipate that “rising to the occasion” of environmental crises and extreme weather events (including space weather) will bring forth talents, ingenuity, resolve & caretaking within each web of community – whether village, neighbourhood or small town.  This is no time for isolated “survivalists” when we need the capability of everyone… with his or her skills & spirit, working in community.

We prepare to rely upon a backbone of functional post-electric “parallel towns” (coming into the foreground during crises) after everyone quietly builds alternative, low-impact pre-industrial skills in the background now, while the time & resources to learn are available.

We hope the vision & resources of Shared-Sufficiency will inspire, support & validate your own hopes for a resourceful human community, even during extremely difficult times.     The Workgroup.  “In our communities… looking out for everyone, finding solutions together.”